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27 February 2015
OpenShift collaboration initiative launches with participation from more than 30 technology industry leaders to drive innovation in the open source Platform-as-a-Service
27 February 2015
In its new play to fill niche sectors instead of general markets, Box has announced Box for Financial Services, as well key data security features for data retention and key management and data watermarking.
27 February 2015
The new Transporter for Business range is intended to fulfil the need for a storage solution that combines the flexibility of cloud with the security of on-premise
27 February 2015
A new infrastructure framework from ARM will handle the needs of cloud today and the expected growth of Internet of Things devices in the near future.
26 February 2015
Kroll Ontrack survey reveals solid state disk (SSD) technology highly adopted, but not infallible
26 February 2015
Cloud-based accounting business Xero attracts £71.7 million of new investment to fuel UK and US growth
26 February 2015
Outsourcing DevOps services is filling the skills gaps for more than half the businesses looking to hire DevOps consultants, developers, engineers and system admins
26 February 2015
A global survey of enterprises finds the future for storage and compute resources is the cloud with a mixture of both private and public cloud
26 February 2015
The self-service help center solution from Salesforce now has a multi-language agent console and admin tools for globally distributed support teams
25 February 2015
A new survey reveals the move to cloud and the need for growth in 2015 is creating a skills headache with CIOs already reporting that they are unable to find and recruit skilled IT professionals. 
25 February 2015
Flexiant’s Cloud Orchestrator has had a complete revamp and now offers a much easier user interface and new plugins and performance based storage.
25 February 2015
Connected Data’s new Transporter 15 and 30 storage devices give businesses the benefits of public cloud sync and share solutions on internal secure networks  
25 February 2015
A coalition of G-Cloud providers has described the Digital Services 2 procurement initiative as deeply flawed and unfit for purpose
24 February 2015
The new collaboration will allow Docker containers to be deployed on OpenStack in a few clicks and allow easy movement of workloads between private and public clouds including Google Cloud Platform.
24 February 2015
A new agreement between Microsoft and Chef will allow Windows and Linux workloads to be speedily moved from on-premise to Microsoft Azure
24 February 2015
Progress Rollbase users can now deploy applications made using the mobile app development platform directly on to HP’s Helion cloud development platform
24 February 2015
IT departments are failing to explain their cloud usage policy to the rest of the business, and as a consequence more than 1 in 5 employees are uploading sensitive information to the cloud, finds a new Trustmarque report.
24 February 2015
Chip maker ARM now connects with the IBM Cloud and Bluemix in a reference device aimed at the next generation Internet of Things Intelligent Devices to the Cloud
20 February 2015
Cobweb is the latest cloud provider to join the Cloud Industry Forum and will be launching a range of new cloud solutions to fit all size of business.  
20 February 2015
Predictive capacity planning analytics business Sumerian launches a Capacity Planning as a Service (CPaaS) solution for IT estate measurement and forecasting.

Featured Article

  • How to stand out from the cloud

    How to stand out from the cloud

    27 Feb 2015
    Companies based in the cloud need to rethink customer service to ensure they aren’t turned over for a competitor, writes Chris Bates, VP of Customer Success at enterprise collaboration software specialist Clarizen.
  • Getting your business up to speed with cloud-managed Wi-Fi

    Getting your business up to speed with cloud-managed Wi-Fi

    26 Feb 2015
    Cloud-managed Wi-Fi can enable businesses to achieve more, faster, but as Paul Hennin points out, certain considerations need to be front of mind to ensure an effective roll-out
  • The top 10 cloud computing trends

    The top 10 cloud computing trends

    18 Feb 2015
    Ten things every CIO or CTO should be looking at when it comes to cloud computing.
  • Getting started with OpenStack

    Getting started with OpenStack

    11 Feb 2015
    OpenStack is fast becoming the default platform for businesses building their cloud infrastructure. The Linux Foundation’s Tim Serewicz takes you through a quick guide to OpenStack and how it can benefit your business.
  • Power to the people – matching the right communications tools to the job

    Power to the people – matching the right communications tools to the job

    06 Feb 2015
    Tom Homer of Telstra reveals how collaboration technologies and tools can be the difference between a strong hire and a skills gap.
  • Unwelcome surprises: The six hidden costs of cloud IT services

    Unwelcome surprises: The six hidden costs of cloud IT services

    06 Feb 2015
    We take a look at the six hidden costs businesses don't consider when choosing a cloud service provider and show you some ways to avoid them.
  • Robust and resilient security?

    Robust and resilient security?

    05 Feb 2015
    Following a spate of high profile and costly cyber incidents the focus on protecting corporate and business networks has never been so keen. Yet nailing down robust cyber security policies can seem like a distraction from core business but it’s really quite straightforward; while failure to do so can have seriously damaging consequences.
  • Demystifying converged infrastructure

    Demystifying converged infrastructure

    02 Feb 2015
    CCi's own Graham Jarvis looks at the reasons so many businesses are looking at converged infrastructure solutions and explains the pros and cons of the different flavours available
  • Asset management in the data centre

    Asset management in the data centre

    26 Jan 2015
    Mark Hirst, of Cannon Technologies, explains why Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) systems integration offers a much higher level of security and asset protection to the data centre.
  • VDI – Why is it still virtually untapped?

    VDI – Why is it still virtually untapped?

    26 Jan 2015
    Virtual desktops are a compelling solution to a long-term IT headache, however the adoption of virtual desktops remains low, we look at some of the reasons why.

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