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23 April 2014
Hitachi Data Systems launches a new disaster recovery solution with 100% uptime SLA for data as part of a new suite of solutions in their Continuous Cloud Infrastructure initiative
22 April 2014
A recent report from Skyhigh Networks that analyses data from more than a million users points to a need for greater employee education about data protection and privacy
22 April 2014
Alert Logic’s 2014 Cloud Security Report shows an increase of attacks on cloud environments with European public cloud infrastructure more susceptible to attack than the US
22 April 2014
Claranet has added to its 18 month series of acquisitions with the purchase of Dutch cloud provider NovaData
11 April 2014
Reports are emerging from the US Government that the Heartbleed bug is now being exploited and a number of cyber attacks have been launched targeting the vulnerability.
11 April 2014
ElasticHosts have introduced auto-scaling “Elastic Containers” that expand and contract as required, enabling typical cloud users to cut their bill in half, reducing disaster recovery costs and eliminating the need for load balancing  
11 April 2014
More than half of UK small and medium businesses are taking advantage of outsourced IT infrastructure and one in ten have deployed a fully cloud-based IT infrastructure.
11 April 2014
IBM is on the cloud acquisition trail and is buying cloud-based marketing automation business Silverpop
10 April 2014
ToDo brings cloud-based collaboration with scalability and enterprise-grade security to organisations and work teams of all sizes.
10 April 2014
Perceptive Software has delivered a cloud version of its information management solution with first products available in May
10 April 2014
A new serious threat to all ‘secure’ cloud services has been revealed and any business running or using OpenSSL servers needs to check for the vulnerability and change passwords and keys immediately
10 April 2014
BT’s IP Connect VPN service will have a direct route into Microsoft ‘s Azure data centres in Dublin and Amsterdam by summer 2014
09 April 2014
VMware Horizon 6 brings an integrated solution that aims to deliver applications and virtual desktops on a single platform.
09 April 2014
US cloud business iland has expanded its UK operations with two new data centres in Manchester and London
09 April 2014
Verizon enables businesses to use a new Secure Cloud Interconnect private IP solution to securely connect to multi-cloud environments including Microsoft Azure
09 April 2014
The new IdentityGuard service from Entrust consolidates its current products into one easy to use console to simplify management of SSL, PKI security standards and certification
09 April 2014
IBM launches the first System z-based IBM Enterprise Cloud System, offering 50% cost reductions on X86 server solutions and aimed at ISPs and businesses who need to run thousands of virtual servers.
09 April 2014
SAP is to give businesses the option to move to a cloud version of Business Suite, and pay on a monthly subscription basis.
08 April 2014
Cloud storage businesses Cleversafe and Avere Systems have entered into a strategic partnership, to deliver a wider range of highly-scalable big data solutions for enterprise storage users in industries ranging from oil and gas to media and entertainment. 
07 April 2014
Avere Systems have benchmarked their FlashCloud public cloud storage on Amazon S3, and the results for the throughput and response time speeds, rival traditional enterprise-class NAS devices  

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  • Cloud: the ideal product versus the ideal provider

    Cloud: the ideal product versus the ideal provider

    22 Apr 2014
    We take a look at what the ideal cloud solution and provider looks like with Pulsant’s head of cloud services, Russel Ridgely
  • Balancing the cloud

    Balancing the cloud

    22 Apr 2014
    Leigh Bradford from Kemp Technologies takes a look at what it takes to deliver a better balanced cloud environment in the enterprise and worldwide
  • Why Office 365 will quash Google’s dominance of the Cloud debate

    Why Office 365 will quash Google’s dominance of the Cloud debate

    07 Apr 2014
    Chris Dunning is Founder and CEO of TechQuarters puts forward some arguments for Office365 over Google Apps and speculates on who will win the race for the online office suite market.  
  • Real-time information the key to boosting bottom line

    Real-time information the key to boosting bottom line

    04 Apr 2014
    Hartmut Wagner of Exact explains that one of the forgotten benefits of a move to the cloud is the ability to share data on the business and to act on it in real-time.
  • Skilling up for the cloud

    Skilling up for the cloud

    28 Mar 2014
    Garry Sidaway, Global Director Security Strategy at NTT Com Security asks when preparing for a cloud move do you need to get your mindset right first before creating a new skillset?
  • The new normal: Hybrid IT infrastructure

    The new normal: Hybrid IT infrastructure

    27 Mar 2014
    Senior Director in Colocation Product Management at CenturyLink, Andy Huxtable, digs down a little deeper into the hybrid cloud and comes up with a list of the best practices and what to look for when choosing a hybrid cloud solution We’re bombarded with news, features, white papers and tweets about cloud computing. Yes, it’s important but it’s not the whole story. We’re on the cusp of a major shift in…
  • Putting business analytics in the Cloud

    Putting business analytics in the Cloud

    18 Mar 2014
    Nuno Godinho, Director of Cloud Services, Europe for Aditi Technologies discusses how cloud technologies can enable business analytics and big data. Ever heard of data scientists?  Well the Harvard Business Review named it the sexiest job of the 21st Century and it is has quickly risen to prominence in a number of industries including retail, oil and gas, telecommunications and financial services.  So what has this got to do with…
  • Convincing the CFO to embrace cloud computing

    Convincing the CFO to embrace cloud computing

    05 Mar 2014
    Steve Smith, Chief Financial Officer at Daisy Group gives CCI readers insider tips on how to convince the people with the chequebook that cloud is a no brainer. Businesses today are operating in a culture where communications and computing are becoming central to everything we do. From the media and the leisure industry to the retail sector, business has become reliant on technologies such as cloud computing. Its arrival and…
  • Workspace as a service is the answer to BYOD worries

    Workspace as a service is the answer to BYOD worries

    05 Feb 2014
    David Milot from Unisys consulting explores the problems faced by IT departments by BYOD and BYOA and looks at how the emerging trend of workspace as a service can mitigate some of the issues
  • Open versus proprietary cloud: does it really matter?

    Open versus proprietary cloud: does it really matter?

    24 Jan 2014
      Technology and business journalist Graham Jarvis interviews converged cloud infrastructure expert and CTO EMEA of VCE, Nigel Moulton, and asks him whether its matters whether organisations have an open source or proprietary cloud infrastructure.

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